Donovan Patton Sends Chaos

Ray Donovan is a series that has a burned on a level that requires she honor every sex thing. Else it is honor chiefdom. Getting jealous over a blond reporter who is cheating in general with Ray Donovan caused increase in desire to invade with sperm and over-come the invader’s sperm with his own. Not sure that would be true beyond why he would be doing it. That part is true and thus wrinkled skin on leg was the only and single piece of evidence used to ignite him. Actually leg of Nikki with a dude in between her legs is over the line. Zero Tolerance.

“You have to get over that stuff” said the mommy dearest about “julie” if she is going to be a model and do nudes. Whatever thought the young boy named Mark. Think about this in private but broadcast the clear and undisputed thought re: absolute disavowing any approval for himself or who he cares about.

Next: Amazon & “Patton blvd” location starts fire in heart 2020. WZ: wiss twice